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Meet The Team


Kailee Stevens
Executive Director

Kailee is a native of Sandpoint whose family roots go back generations. She is happily married to her husband, Oliver Stone and they have a beautiful two-year-old daughter named Piper. Her hobbies include spending time outdoors with her family, horse-back riding and enjoying all that Sandpoint has to offer.

Kailee has extensive history in the medical field including in depth training with oncology patients. She is excited to take on the role of Executive Director and eager to help with supporting our clients.


Sherri Lies
Board President

Sherri originally was a  military brat from Oakland, California and have proudly called Sandpoint home for over 37 Years. She is very blessed to be married to her husband, Scott, her best friend and high school sweetheart, for more than 31 years! Their family includes three sons, one daughter and three adorable grandchildren!  She is very fortunate to have her eldest son and her daughter, along with her three children, living in Sandpoint to be able to love on them a lot!  


She has also been a beauty consultant with Mary Kay for 23 years and loves to help women with all their skincare needs.  She is a teacher at Sandpoint Children’s Learning Center, which helps fill her passion for healthy environments for preschoolers.  She and her husband love to be outdoors and explore our area.  She has many hobbies including walking, biking, reading, knitting, trying to garden, wine tasting, but most of all she just enjoys being surrounded by friends and family!

Her first experience with CCS was as the Program Director for over 3 ½  years beginning in 2009.  Her experience with cancer has been as a support system to close family and friends dealing with the disease.  And like many, she has lost close personal friends to cancer.  As the Program Director at CCS, her passion quickly grew for Heather’s (the founder of CCS) vision of a need-driven organization whose goal is strictly to do what they can do; to support a person with a cancer diagnosis and not have the support be defined by income.  CCS is truly an amazing organization!  


Debbie Heiser
Vice President

Debbie Heiser has spent over 28 years in leadership with international, domestic, and small business sectors and in numerous volunteer roles in the community. She started Three Vines Consulting & Leadership Development in 2016, focusing on helping organizations, teams and individuals identify and maximize the infinite possibilities available to them.


Her mission is to help business owners solve problems, dream big, and explore what inspires and energizes them in their own lives, translating that passion into their business to get value-driven results. Helping others spark their passions and ignite their businesses is her lifelong mission! Heiser is known for her rock-solid business experience with companies from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations, her executive coaching and servant leadership practice and her thought collaboration and adjunct professor role at Gonzaga University through the School of Leadership Studies.


She has had the privilege to be on numerous boards, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of KC, Platte County Economic Development Council, Underground Kindness, Bonner General Health Foundation and Community Cancer Services.


Penny Schardt

Penny was born and raised in San Francisco and has called Sagle, Idaho home since 2016. Her family includes her husband Dennis, two pygmy goats, two cats, and one dog. She is Grammy to 3 beautiful grandchildren from her husband’s daughter and son-in-law. Before she retired as a VP/Training Director at Wells Fargo Bank and her husband retired Lieutenant from San Francisco Police Dept. after 33 years, they enjoyed karaoke, dancing, boating, traveling, wine tasting but most of all entertaining their family and friends. She grew up in the restaurant business so she loves to cook and entertain. Her nickname in California was the “appetizer queen”.  

In 2012 her husband Dennis was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) which is a neurological terminal disease similar to Parkinson’s only worse.  When they moved here he was only using a cane.  Today, he is no longer able to walk without the use of a scooter as his disease continues to progress. She is now a full-time caregiver with the help of the Bonner General Hospice staff who have been a Godsend.  In 2002, Penny was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  After undergoing a complete hysterectomy I was lucky enough and didn’t have to have chemo or radiation at the time. In 2019, after going for her routine mammogram and then a biopsy, she was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  After much research and discussion, she elected to have a bilateral mastectomy with the DIEP Flap Reconstruction. Thank God all the surgeries, reconstruction, tests, shots, blood work, doctor appointments, as well as chemo, are behind her now. She is now a two-time cancer-free survivor and looking forward to living life every day.

Her first experience with Community Cancer Services was when her friend/neighbor Pam, who is currently a CCS Board Member as well, asked her if she wanted to go visit the office in Sandpoint. She was so used to going to Spokane for everything cancer related she didn’t even know the Sandpoint office existed. After meeting and talking to Cindy Marx, CCS Executive Director, she felt she was luckier than most and didn’t need any financial support but I was happy to learn there was a place in my small town that could give her the moral and emotional support as she continued her journey.  She did take advantage of a couple of wigs, hats and scarves to add to her new collection after losing all her hair.  As the months rolled by and everything about cancer was in the distant past, one of her greatest joys in life was being able to one day donate back to Community Cancer Services all the wigs, scarves, hats, and assorted clothing that she accumulated over the
past year.  


Her next greatest joy was when she was asked to consider being a board member.  Well, it didn’t take her long to decide on that one.  This was just another way she could give back to such a great cause. "Sandpoint CCS is an amazing organization and I feel it’s an honor to now serve as Secretary on the board and give back to other cancer patients, survivors and their families."


Cassy Watters

Cassie has been a resident of Sandpoint for 4 years.  After the birth of her son, Cassie was diagnosed a year later with Metastatic Breast Cancer in March of 2021.  Supported and cared for by a great team of doctors, nurses, friends and family, Cassie is back on her feet and is living life abundantly.  Here at Community Cancer Services, she is the Treasurer and uses her prior professional background as a bookkeeper to support our program.  When she is not wearing the Treasurer hat, Cassie enjoys her time being a mom, a wife, off-roading, camping, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors.


Tara Rumore
Board Member

Tara Rumore moved to the area from Atlantic City, NJ and have now proudly called Sandpoint her home for over 10 years. She has an amazing husband, Dante who is an LCSW, specializing with Combat Veterans, a crazy-awesome son, Sandro and a goofy dog named Argus.  Helping out with baskets for the CCS “A Night to Remember” event many years ago and having family affected by cancer, has led her to realize she wanted to be more involved.  She has worn many hats in her lifetime, but the one that is the most important for her is being a “supporter." A supporter to her family, friends, and community and she couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.      


Kirsten Daffron
Board Member

Kirsten Daffron has been on the board of CCS since the beginning of 2020. Her and her husband moved to Sandpoint just over a year ago after splitting their time between Colorado and California. They couldn’t be happier with their new move and absolutely adore Sandpoint. Their kids love it here too, so it has been a perfect fit for all of them!


When she saw that CCS was looking for board members, she jumped on it. She is a five year breast cancer survivor and have tried to pay it forward since her diagnosis. Cancer patients and survivors are all members of a club no one wants to be a member of, yet it is an extremely tight, supportive, and loving club that she is proud to be a part of. She is so impressed with what CCS does for the Bonner and Boundary county communities from hat, beanie, and blanket donations, to gas money or rides and lodging for doctor appointments, to free counseling. As a newer board member, she is looking forward to what she can offer CCS and the community, as well as encouraging those around her to join her in the fight against cancer!  


Pamela Mulligan
Board Member

Pamela Mulligan has called Bonner County home for the last 28 years. She and her husband Pat, of 43 years, have 2 professionally successful daughters and 5 grandchildren. Over the course of their marriage, they also have had several 4-legged fur babies, currently 2 male Shih Tzu’s and a true Calico cat. Gardening is her passion in the summertime. She also thinks of herself a ‘full time student’ as
she loves to study, research, and read. Walking centers, her as well as spending time with family.

Being rooted and grounded in her faith led her to serve 12 plus years as a Chaplain with the Bonner County Chapter of the Idaho Chaplains Corp. under the leadership of Randy Clark, Phil Kinzler and Pastor Brian Noble. Along with being an active Chaplain in the youth detention unit and in the woman’s jail she also served on their board as Secretary, Vice President and President. Also, for 3 years she served as a rotating Chaplain at Bonner General Hospital under the leadership of Pastor Steve Nicodemus.

In 2012 Pamela became a family/patient advocate for her brother when his wife was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. During that time, the realization that cancer patients and their families need people to just stand alongside them in the process, she calls it a ‘ministry pf presences.” She defines ‘ministry of presences’ as being a good listener, being available, not trying to fix and sometimes saying "It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to fall apart, you don’t have to try to be strong when you
are not’. (Lyrics from the song, “When We Fall Part” by Ryan Stevenson.


Valerie Luce
Board Member

Valerie Luce joined the board of CCS in July 2021. She and her husband moved here
from Austin Texas in 1999. Their son and was born and raised here in Sandpoint and
makes his living now as a commercial diver in Florida. Her husband is an IT
professional for a small consulting firm which allows him to work remotely.  Valerie is a
retired Registered Nurse, who also worked locally as a teacher's aide in elementary
education. She and her family love Sandpoint and the close-knit community here.

Valerie is a breast cancer survivor who was declared cancer free in May of 2020, while
fighting cancer she was also a recipient of services at CCS. With the support of the staff there and help from her friends and family, she was able to get through chemo and multiple surgeries during the COVID pandemic. She has been wanting to give back to the community and is excited to have the opportunity to serve on the CCS board.


She looks forward to being a part of the empathetic, supportive team that has helped
many emotionally, physically, and financially challenged get the support they need while battling cancer. 


She hopes to be effective in sustaining and growing CCS in the future.

JoAnna Q.jpg

JoAnna Quick
Board Member

JoAnna Quicks experiences with the non-profit organizations in Bonner County started in 2008 when she moved to the area from Colorado.  She decided to join the board of CCS because she discovered a warm connection to their mission, a close friend died from cancer in 2015 and her mom is a survivor. She truly loves the community of Bonner County and is honored to volunteer with CCS in a capacity where she may help make a difference. 


Anita Bruce
Group Counselor

Anita has had the privilege to facilitate Cancer Support Groups at CCS for nearly ten years. As a former nurse, she witnessed the impact cancer can have on individuals, families and friends. In 1990, she became a Clinical Social Worker. Her primary focus has been on working with people who are living with cancer. CCS has helped so many in our communities, and she is proud to be a member of the team.

Cynthia Dalsing-min.jpg

Cynthia Dalsing
Co-Founder of Heather's House

Cynthia Dalsing has been with Community Cancer Services since before the opening day of Heather’s House in 2002. Dalsing has been in Sandpoint for 19 years and started serving the Sandpoint Community as a Nurse Midwife. Currently, Dalsing owns a successful Nurse Practitioner business called Women’s Health Care, located next to Community Cancer Services.

Dalsing fondly remembers, “Heather and Greg were in Thailand when I moved to Sandpoint. My friends were telling me, that I needed to meet Heather. When Heather came back from Thailand, we met and became friends. I remember the days of raising our kids together, and becoming the infamous “Soccer Mom” team. Heather was a part of my son’s soccer career.” It seems as time went on, Heather and Cynthia just naturally became an unstoppable pair. Cynthia has an innate ability to provide service, as it shows with her compassion towards healing and listening.

Dalsing states, “This whole thing (Community Cancer Services) started with two prongs in 1998. Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my best friend was diagnosed with lung cancer. Heather was a philanthropic leader; she would see a need, and get it done. If I just stood close to Heather for long enough, I would be involved in her legacy of service projects.”

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